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Curriculum Vitae

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Dutch: native speaker
English: oral: very good, written: very good
German: oral: reasonable, written: basics
French: oral: basics, written: basics

Technical: Python, Pandas, scikit-learn, Java (SE, EE), C# (.NET Framework en .NET Core), TypeScript, Javascript, Angular 6, Knockout, Groovy, Grails, ICEFaces, C++, C, Perl, Pascal, Z80 assembler, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Jenkins, GitLab, Git, Subversion, CVS.

Professional career

Giant Fox (March 2021 - now)

Protix (March 2019 - April 2021)

HighTech ICT (January 2010 - February 2019)

PharmaPartners (November 2006 - December 2009)

Philips Medical Systems (June 2005 - October 2006)

Philips Applied Technologies (October 2001 - May 2005)

Biplane scanner


Stan Ackermans Institute (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Software Technology (OOTI) (September 1999 - August 2001)

Eindhoven University of Technology

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (September 1994 - August 1999)

Other activities