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For those who stay behind

Posted: October 04, 2022

February 2021. The world is in the grip of covid-19 for a year. Everybody is having a hard time. This is especially true for my mother. Today should have been a day of celebration: her 75th birthday. But this special day is overshadowed by sad events: In April 2020 my father died of this terrible virus. Later that year, a friend of my parents died suddenly. Two aunts of mine have serious health problems. One of them passed away a few days before my mothers birthday. So you will understand there is not much reason for festivity on my mother's birthday.

Feeling sad because of the loss of an aunt and of knowing my mother's 75th birthday was ruined, I started to play the piano. My wife was listening to my improvisation and said she liked the music. I also felt that the music I played was special. I quickly wrote down the sheet music so that I would not forget it.

I decided to dedicate this instrumental to all people who have a hard time. Like my uncle. And my mother. The fist version was released in February 2021 With the help of a friend (thank you Ruud!).

Today, I release the second recording of the instrumental, which I made myself using Waveform 12.

Click here to listen to the instrumental.

In case you want to play this instrumental yourself, click here for the sheet music.