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John Castelijn and I explain how to write tests that need a lot of data at T-DOSE in Geldrop

Posted: April 20, 2023

On Saturday April 22, 2023, John Castelijn and I will give a presentation called "Stop **cking About! How to write tests that need a lot of data?" at the T-DOSE conference in Geldrop.

John Castelijn (a colleague I worked with at SPS) and I created a presentation about how to write tests that need a lot of data. This presentation was prepared for the T-DOSE conference in Eindhoven in 2020. Due to the corona pandemic the conference was cancelled. We did not want our preparations for this presentation to be in vain. That is why we decided to record it ourselves.

We actually did not plan to give a presentation at T-DOSE 2023. However, because one of the scheduled speakers withdrew we were asked to fill the gap in the schedule with a semi-live presentation. We will show this video and will answer questions afterwards.

In case you cannot visit T-DOSE, you can watch the video here: