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Smarty plays piano

This page contains instrumental music I have composed and recorded by myself over the years.

Enjoy listening to this music. I would love to here your feedback about these instrumentals, for example by sending an email to music@gogognome.nl.

If you want to use one of my instrumentals from this page in a video or for a podcast, feel free to do so. The music on this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). You can use the music for free, even for commercial purposes, as long as you give credit to me (Sander Kooijmans) as author and artist of the music. And it would be great if you inform me about this, so that I can check out the result!

The instrumentals

  • Lovely Stroll A remake of the instrumental I composed back in September 2001 (see below). Now I came up with a proper title for this instrumental.
  • Heist this instrumental makes me think of a Western heist.
  • Ik mis je zo this is a song about losing a loved one. This version is instrumental. Click here for the lyrics. Click here for the sheet music.
  • Mission: Gnomesible this is an instrumental full of energy. It makes make think of a computer game or an action movie.
  • The Day after Eunice an instrumental I composed the day after the storm Eunice passed our country.
  • Gnome's Fiestaval an instrumental that is very popular at festivals for gnomes!
  • Brit on a Buoy. The title is inspired on a news item: a Brit went kayaking on sea, but got into trouble. He managed to cling on a buoy. After a couple of days he was saved by Dutch fishermen. This version is a demo that I recorded by myself. A professionally recorded version is online on major music platforms from March 11th, 2024.
  • New Jacket a remake of an instrumental called Nieuw1, which you can find below.
  • Spring Mood 1 a remake of an instrumental I composed in the nineties. A first attempt to record it in 2019 with a step time editor resulted in Gogognome's Ringtone nr 1. This instrumental is closer to the original one from the nineties. Unfortunately, I cannot find a recording of the original instrumental anymore.
  • Autumn Mood 1 this is a remake of Oktober 1998 with a new chorus added to it.
  • MDIHE 2022 an instrumental I composed on Easter Sunday 2022. I recorded it using my mobile phone, so the quality of the recording is poor.
  • For those who stay behind an instrumental dedicated to everybody who has a hard time. Click here to read the story behind this instrumental. In case you want to play it yourself, click here for the sheet music.
  • Gogognome's Ringtone nr 1 an instrumental I composed in the nineties but never had a chance to record it. In December 2019 I started playing with OpenMPT and decided to use this instrumental to experiment with OpenMPT. It is a nice tune to be used as a ringtone.
  • Augustus 1999 This is the first instrumental music I composed after I bought the Roland JV-1010 sound module. I wanted to experiment with its sounds.
  • Bridge This instrumental was originally the bridge of another instrumental. I liked the bridge much better than the rest of the instrumental, so I made it a separate instrumental. The original instrumental was made somewhere around 1993 on my MSX. I created this version of it in 2003.
  • Campfire an instrumental composition to be played on a guitar at a campfire.
  • December 1999 an instrumental composed in December 1999. It lacks a melody. Nevertheless, it can be used as background music.
  • Lucky Ducky Egbert This honkey-tonk music somehow made me think of a tottering duck. Don't ask me why, but that is how it got its name.
  • Mei 1998 I created this instrumental a few days before a volleyball tournament that a few friends and I organised for volleyball club Tamar. At that moment I was feeling excited about the tournament and I expressed that feeling in music.
  • Nieuw1 This is one of the first instrumentals I created on the PC. I like the piano part very much; the melody needs some improvement.
  • Oktober 1998.mp3 A short instrumental, inspired on the music of Sensible World of Soccer 1998.
  • September 2001 I just finished the software technology program at the Stan Ackermans Institute when I composed this instrumental.
  • september 3 I don't remember in which year I created this composition. I was trying out the organ to create the melody.
  • Surprise I created this instrumental on my MSX as an easter egg in the music editor I have written together with two friends. This is a composition I am quite proud of. It is funny ragtime music. Since it was created with a step-time editor, it was very hard to actually play it on a piano by myself. Nevertheless, after a lot of practice, I learned to play it on the piano! Do you want to play it too? Click here to download the sheet music of this song.
  • Vibrafoon This instrumental is an experiment with the vibraphone. It also sounds quite well when played on a piano only.

The songs are also available at Jamendo.


It all started when I was a 10-year old boy. After having played the block flute for two years I started taking piano lessons. I took piano lessons for eight years. During these years, I composed a few songs.

In the early 1990's, I was an MSX fanatic. One day I met Ruud van Gestel and Vincent van der Meer. The three of us liked creating music using a synthesizer and keyboard. Together we made several music editors for the MSX computer and we used these programs to compose music ourselves.

Around 1994, Ruud and I started working on a MIDI sequencer for the MSX computer. We got quite far: our sequencer was able to play and record standard MIDI files. That was not bad for a 3.5 MHz machine! (Okay, I had to write my own multitasking operating system on the MSX, but it worked fine.)

After 1994, due to my computer science study, I didn't spend time on my MSX anymore. In 1995 I even sold it. After a few years I bought a digital piano and used that to create music, using a MIDI sequencer on a PC.

After a period of 15 years in which I did not compose any music at all, I started composing again around 2020. And I even plan to record one instrumental per year in a music studio with session musicians. Search for Sander Kooijmans on Spotify, YouTube or other major streaming services to listen to result. Those instrumentals are NOT licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Contact me if you want to use those instrumentals, for example as background music for a video or a podcast.