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The Artist

The Artist

The Artist

So you want to know more about me as artist? I play piano and compose instrumental music. And since 2010 I make some drawings. The style of my drawings is largely influenced by the Order of the Stick.

If you want you can use my drawings and music in your website, on social media, promotional video, and so on. My drawings and music on the domain gogognome.nl are licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 DEED).


Smarty plays piano

Click here to find out all about the instrumental music I composed and recorded myself.

Art for Gambia

Voorbeelden van kunstwerken

Acquaintances of mine make and sell art for charity. I support them by building this web page (Dutch only) for them.

2024-06-02: XLIX

Brit on a Buoy

The song XLIX is dedicated to Natasja, my wife, for her 49th + 1st birthday. :-)

2024-02-03: Brit on a Buoy recorded professionally

Brit on a Buoy

In 2022 I composed and recorded the song Brit on a Buoy by myself. Click here to here my original version of the instrumental.

Over the past few months, I've had the pleasure of having this song professionally recorded in a studio. The final version will be available on all major streaming platforms starting March 11th, 2024. Keep an eye out for it!

I would like to extend a special thanks to the following musicians who contributed to the recording process:

  • Martijn Kerkhofs (Triple Moon Studios): guitars, mixing and mastering
  • Richard van der Heijden: bass
  • Han Wouters: drums

And to make the list complete:

  • Sander Kooijmans: piano

2024-01-27: Ik mis je zo

Ik mis je zo is a song about losing a loved one. I composed it in the past week. The version on my website is an instrumental version. Perhaps I will record this song in the studio in the future. And then I need a singer to sing the lyrics. Click here to download the sheet music.

2023-09-17: The Day after Eunice

The Day after Eunice is a song I composed the day after the storm Eunice passed our country. For comparison you can listen to the demo version I recorded using my mobile phone. You can hear it is about one year after the song "For those who stay behind". It has the same kind of melancholy.

2024-01-15: Mission: Gnomesible

Mission: Gnomesible

Mission: Gnomesible this is an instrumental full of energy. It makes make think of a computer game or an action movie. It is available on Spotify, Youtube and other music sites.

2023-07-29: Gnome's Fiestaval

Gnome's Fiestaval a song popuplar at fiesta for gnomes!

2023-05-07: New Jacket

The song New Jacket is a remake of Nieuw1, a song that I composed in the nineties. This version is not finished yet. Expect updates in the coming weeks. Nevertheless, I think it is good enough to publish it here so that I can get your feedback.

2022-12-20: Brit on a Buoy

Brit on a Buoy

A couple of weeks ago I got some inspiration. The result is this song called "Brit on a Buoy". The title is inspired on a news item: a Brit went kayaking on sea, but got into trouble. He managed to cling on a buoy. After a couple of days he was saved by Dutch fishermen.

2022-10-22: New song: Spring Mood 1

I composed the first version of this song in the nineties. I never recorded it then. In 2019 I used OpenMPT to record this song, which resulted in Gogognome's Ringtone nr 1.

But that version was not exactly as I originally had it in mind. I originally composed it with an organ as melody. In the past months I changed the song a bit. The melody has more variation now and I also added a chorus. I am pretty sure this won't be the final version of the song, but I think it is in good enough shape to share it. So here is the my new song, Spring Mood 1.

2022-10-15: New recording of old songs

As part of learning how to wrok with a Digital Audio Workstation I recorded two of my songs with a new tool. Here is the result:

2022-07-26: Two drawings of a beach

These drawings were intended to be used for my title picture in Spotify. The first one I created was this one:

Table Soccer

The image shows my hobbies or references to my hobbies. I did not use this one in Spotify, because the dimensions were not well chosen. It was not possible to show the beach volleyball players and the musical notes at the same time.

Table Soccer

This drawing has better dimensions and is the one I use at Spotify.

2022-07-17: My song Campfire has been published on all major music platforms

At the bottom of this page you can find songs I composed and recorded myself. The songs sound amateurish. Recently I decided to pick one or two songs per year and record them professionally. Today, my first song has been published on all major music platforms, such as on Spotify.

This song is recorded by Martijn Kerkhofs at Triple Moon Studios. It is based on the song called Campfire that you can find at the bottom of this website.

I hope you enjoy it!

2022-04-17: MDIHE22

MDIHE22 a song I composed on Easter Sunday 2022. I recorded it using my mobile phone, so quality of the recording is poor.

2021-02-16: For those who stay behind

In a time that is difficult for many people all over the world, on a sad day, suddenly I got inspired to compose a new song. Click here read about the story behind the song and to listen to the song.

2019-12-29: Gogognome's Ringtone nr 1 published

Smarty plays piano

After many years I finally publish a new song: gogognomes_ringtone_nr_1.mp3

It is a song I composed about twenty years ago but never had a chance to record it. In December 2019 I started playing with OpenMPT and decided to use this song to experiment with OpenMPT. It is a nice song to be used as a ringtone.

2019-10-09: Table Soccer

As you can see in my Curriculum Vitae I have worked for HighTech ICT in the past. When High Tech ICT opened their new office in 's-Hertogenbosch I gave them a can of silicon spray for their table soccer table. I put this drawing on the spray can to personalize it.

Table Soccer

2019-07-06: Math Max

This drawing is a parody on "Mad Max Fury Road" commenting on the behaviour of Javascript's math.max(). This function confuses people without mathematical background as shown in this reddit post.

Math Max

2016-12-12: Score Surprise published

I have published the score of my own composition 'Surprise'. Using the program MuseScore 2 I could turn my handwritten score into a professional looking score. Click here to download the score.

Here is an MP3 file with a recording of the song: surprise.mp3

2015-03-24: Cartoon about Dave Egger’s book "The Circle"

The Circle

2017-11-08: Russel's teapot

This drawing is inspired by the first seconds of this video

Russel's Teapot

2016-02-15: Internet of Things:

International Day of Internet of Things