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Posted: November 05, 2015

Triplex screenshot Triplex is a Tetris-clone for the MSX computer. You can play alone, but if you create a loop of MSX computers, using Philips Music Modules and MIDI cables, you can play with 2 to 15 players!

I have written this program during a one-week school holiday in 1993. Later I spent some extra time together with Ruud van Gestel to improve the game and the music.

Here is a video that shows Triplex:

Click here to download the disk image which you can copy to a floppy, Triplex I thought I lost all working copies of this game, but recently I discovered I still had some floppies containing the game! or run it directly in an MSX emulator, such as openMSX or blueMSX.

Triplex screenshot The Pictures of Triplex by courtesy of Sjoerd Lammertsma.